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Infrequently Asked Questions

Who are you?:
I am Stu, hear me purr. For more information, you might just want to check on the about me section of my website.

So youíre not going to answer personal questions here?:
The about me section should cover most of your general questions. This section is supposed to be about the website in general.

Okay, so why are you filing up valuable space on the web with drivel about yourself?:
You mean why did I start a website? Well, because I havenít yet been published, but still wanted to have at least the illusion that people are reading what I write. The quote that comes to mind is Paul Fussellís: "If I didn't have writing, I'd be running down the street hurling grenades in people's faces." Though for me, I dislike the dangerous unpredictable nature of grenades, so Iíd probably be using a sawed-off shotgun

Iíve always wanted to know, why do you saw off the barrel of a shotgun?:
For two reasons. First, itís easier to hide and transport a sawed-off shotgun than a full length one. And second, it increases the spread of the shot when you saw it off, while cutting down on the effective range, to make it more effective for close combat. Both of these reasons are why itís illegal to saw off the barrel of a shotgun, ostensibly just a tool for hunting.

Why are we talking about shotguns, anyway? Howíd you let us get so off topic? Isnít this supposed to be about the website?:
Hey, you asked!

But arenít you me? Anyway, itís not like there are actually any questions asked you about your website that we just have to answer, frequently or otherwise. Youíre kind of in the backwaters of the Internet. "Deliverance" style backwaters, at that:
Okay, asshole, that hurt. And to answer your question, no, Iím not you. Weíre both fictional eidolons for Stu.

Huh? Whatís an eidolon?:
The word actually just means spirit, but itís a fancy-schmancy term for an imaginary personality someone writes as; more than just a pseudonym to hide their identity, but less than clinical schizophrenia.

Well, arenít you Mr. Smarty-Pants?:
Yes. So whatís your problem, anyway?

Hey, Iím asking the questions here!:
Are you now?

Yes, I am! Iím in charge of this FAQ:
Really? Is that what it feels like to you?

Listen, this is supposed to go with me asking the...:
Are you just cranky Ďcause you discovered youíre nothing more than a fictional personality, without even the benefit of it being pathological? Bothered because you're Slim Shady to Stu's Eminem?

That has nothing to do with it!:
Doesnít it also seem like Iím asking all the questions now?

Wait, youíre just making statements that are slightly tweaked to make them seem like questions!:
Youíd like to think so, wouldnít you? Does it really make a difference, Mr. Eidolon?

I am not an eidolon! I am a human being!:
Okay, this is just getting stupid. I knew trying to write an FAQ was a bad idea. Just check out the website; no explanation necessary.

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This page last updated on 18 June, 2002. Quick, ask me another.
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