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Welcome to my No-Frills Movie Review page.

Recent Reviews
The Best of 1999
All Time Favorites

   Recent Movie Reviews
I started writing a weekly film review column in the Valparaiso paper, The Torch, my junior year, and a lot of the following reviews are simply transcriptions of my attempts to bring culture to the masses...and we all know how well that works. There was a kind of mad order to the reviews at first, but now I'm slowly trying to make this more of a general review page, where I review any movie that particularly appeals to me. Probably the best place to look for reviews in this page would be towards the bottom, in All Time Favorites, where I've started to review movies I've loved since the days of my youth.

Fight Club *****
American Beauty *****
Toy Story 2 ****1/2
Bringing Out The Dead ****
Taxi Driver *****
The Insider ***1/2
Stir of Echoes ***
Being John Malkovich *****
It's A Wonderful Life *****
Wild Wild West *1/2

    Best Films of 1999
Since I guess I'm something of a movie critic, I might as well give my list of the best movies of the year. I hope to have my personal reviews of them up eventually, but for now, I'll just provide a list...not that anyone is reading this anyway:

  1. Magnolia
  2. American Beauty
  3. Fight Club
  4. Being John Malkovich
  5. (tie) Sixth Sense
  6. (tie) Blair Witch Project
  7. Go
  8. Run Lola Run
  9. Iron Giant
  10. Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels
  11. Three Kings
  12. The Matrix
  13. South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut
  14. Toy Story 2
  15. Dogma
  16. Sleepy Hollow
  17. The Messenger
  18. Bringing Out The Dead
  19. Eyes Wide Shut
  20. Summer of Sam
  21. Star Wars Ep. 1: The Phantom Menace
  22. Princess Mononoke

    My All Time Favorites
I'm starting to get around to reviewing my favorite movies of all time, but that's coming slowly, since I actually get paid for writing the movie reviews for the Torch. I just have to wait to review these until the spirit movies me....but here's the start of the list, in no particular order (yet). A great online collection of greatest films lists can be found here. But for now, here's mine.

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