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Random unfinished thoughts on Pulp Fiction

I've seen "Pulp Fiction" probably two dozen times by now, and I still remember the first time I saw it (this is not particularly surprising; with very little effort I can recall the circumstances surrounding most of the movies I've seen since I was about 15). I saw "Pulp Fiction" when I was 17, my senior year in high school, at a friend's house.

It was probably one of the first truly adult movies that I've seen that I can say affected me as an adult. I was still at a stage where I was watching mature movies and not quite getting them. I saw "A Clockwork Orange" within a month of before "Pulp Fiction," and I must confess that I didn't really understand that movie. Oh, I laughed and cringed at the charming but deplorable Alex, but I didn't really get it.

But after my initial surprise at the staggering use of the word "fuck" in "Pulp Fiction" (a thing that now seems charmingly naive, considering my own foul mouth), I honestly think that I wound up "getting" "Pulp Fiction." To this day, I'm not really sure I can explain it, but Taratino's film is an undeniable masterpiece to me.

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