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A fairly rare picture, in that I was usually teamed up with Kevin...the two of us made a pretty damn good team. Taking down Hal and Johann is a bit of a high point of my beirut memories.

Kevin (the traitor) and Gretchen, smiling happily as Adam and I destroy them.

The Night Before I left for Europe

The G-Spots

I have no idea what Adam and Kevin are looking at...I think partially because I'm too afraid to ask.

Taken from the same night as the Beirut pictures, from when Adam and I hunted down an improvised table to set up at one of the many parties at Rob's place.

A post-CC banquet picture. Because of course we went to Gretchen's place and drank afterwards.

Also post-CC Banquet

I'm not sure I ever even learned this guy's real name. He will forever remain "Chris Elliot" to me.

I'm not sure who decided this was the best moment for a picture. I'm fairly sure it wasn't me.

A rare non-bearded Stu picture, from 'Gallileo'

Ahem. Our improvised Super Bowl party. It must be Bill with the camera. I think it's fairly safe to say we don't remember much of this evening. I don't even remember the half-time show.

"Crop Circles."

Mark. Apparently happy.

"Son, you got a panty on your head." And I have no idea why.

The G-Spots.

Tom somehow managed to avoid being in most pictures. Or maybe he just had a tendency to get invovled in less stupid shit than the rest of us. I have no memory, however, of how that paper crown wound up on Gretchen's head.

The champagne of beers. Strangely, there are no pictures of me drinking mugs of bourbon.

Gretchen and Bill

Don't they look happy together? My guess is this was taken just a little bit before the Louisville Slugger night.

This really needs no explanation.


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