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Highgate Cemetery, London

Karl Marx. In case you can't read his monument, it says, 'The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.' Goddamn right.

A bit more to give some perspective on the size of the head of Karl Marx. You don't fuck with the head of Karl Marx.
The directions I received to find Marx's monument were, "Go down this path here. Eventually, you'll come to a fork in the path, and of course, Marx is on the left." She proably told this joke twenty times a day and never seemed to get tired of it. Off to Marx's right hand side (or what would be his right hand side if that massive head had a body) the graveyard continues; this is probably a fairly priviledged section of the graveyard, and has an abnormally large number of writers, journalists, and nearly a dozen members of the Iraqi Communist Party (a lovely combination, combining both Cold War and post-Cold War fears into one dead person).

Nothing special, I just liked the gravestone.

You may have already seen this in the Fun Signs section. If not, go there for my snide comment.

The French Cemetery whose name I can't remember that isn't Pere Lachaise, Paris

French poet and misanthrope, Baudelaire, with a lot of family crammed in with him.

Sam Beckett. No smartass, not the Scott Bakula character from Quantum Leap. The playwright, ala 'Waiting for Godot.'

Eugene Ionesco

Two celebrities for the price of one! Jean Paul Sartre and Simon De Beauvoir, buried together.

The various headstones above are mostly in for two reasons: a) to show I've seen the graves of a bunch of famous people, and b) to show how boring a lot of famous people's gravestones can actually be. However, the Sartre/De Beauvoir stone demonstrates an odd thing; the way people like to leave little mementos of their visit at the stones; in Sartre's case, little pebbles and a bunch of coughdrops. I'm sure that says something about existentialism, but I'll be damned if I know what.

Pere Lachaise, Paris

An amazing monument to those who died in the Spanish Revolution (or, as some call it, the Spanish Civil War).

Detail of a Holocaust Monument. I can find nothing more to say.

I went in looking for the niche for Max Ernst. I found this Fucker instead.

This should give you a good idea with the type of crap people give to Jim Morrison.

The second guy from the right is about to pull out a bottle of bourbon and pour it into Morrison's grave. If I'd known he'd be doing that, I wouldn't have taken this picture, the last in my roll. Damn him for being slow. Still, this can show you a bit of the crowd around Morrison.

Just a great stone; built in an already ruined state.

Oscar Wilde's three meter tall tomb. Apparently, that angel was originally so 'obscene' that they had to neuter it, rather crudely. If you're wondering what those red splotches are, they're lipstick kisses.

Pyramide Protestant Cemetery, Rome

John Keats and Joseph Severn's grave.

John Keats's grave, even though it never comes out and says it.

Joseph Severn's grave, even though it focuses mostly on John Keats.


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