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A Plethora of People Pissed, Perhaps from the Post-Prandial Party Partly Planned around the "P"

Soundtrack: "Hey Boy Hey Girl" by the Chemical Brothers and "Anarchy in the UK" by the Sex Pistols

15 December, 2002

If I were to choose the one moment when our circle of friends--the Room K group, though not all of us were in Room K--actually realized we'd become friends, there's no question that it was the P-Party, a scant ten days before Christmas. I'd been kind of distant friends with Ylva and Alissa pretty much since they came to the hostel a week or two after me, but I'd mostly focused on drinking heavily with James, John, Dominique, and occasionally Sarah, and so Ylva and Alissa mostly saw me stumble in drunk and fall asleep as I woke everyone else up.

But after John and Dominique moved out (though not together), James leaving for Spain and Australia, and in the rubble following Sarah's goodbye party, I'd discovered that my roommates were fairly cool people. Nick moved into Room K as my previous friends were moving out and scattering around the globe, and Annica soon followed. With Jeremy lurking in the background, the circle was mostly complete.

So on the second Saturday of December, we put it to the test. The P-Party followed the cocktail party tradition I'd been introduced to at Halloween. Fill the dining room with a hostel's worth of people dressed in cheap costumes thrown together with energy and dilligence and not much else, get them incredibly liquored up out of plastic trashcans and industrial sized punch bowls, and have them dance on anything breakable they can find. Hostel Stu will either a) dress as a woman, b) strip at some point in the evening, or c) wear something so clear/short/non-existent so he doesn't even have to strip. The music will be free, the choices will tend towards "dance music," and the majority of the last one's standing will be Aussies.

[Unfinished. Yes, another unfinished article. Suck on it!]

If, though highly unlikely, I go to heaven, I can say that I've already been there. (Photo: Martin)

Me, as Hunter S. Thompson, or 'Press' for the P-Party (Photo: Martin) The Room K troop; Nick as a Pile of laundry, me as the Press man, Alissa as the Ghost of the Christmas Pasta, Annica as Pippi Longstocking, and Ylva as a Punk

Rhiannon's costume for the P-Party, which forever branded her as 'Tweety.'


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