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The perfect whiskey-coke

Making the perfect whiskey and cola:
Necessary ingredients.

  1. Take the glass and fill it half-empty with ice (why "half-empty?" How can you call anything "full" until you have alcohol in it).
  2. Pour whiskey into the glass until the ice is covered completely.
  3. The coke is there for color. "For color" means: put the coke bottle behind the glass. IF you can see the color of the bottle through the glass, you haven't put enough whiskey in yet. Fill it more. You may want to get rid of some of that pesky translucent ice.
  4. In fact, the "for coloring" test actually works for pretty much anything. Hold the glass up. If you can see something through the whiskey/ice/glass mixture, you've screwed up the recipe. Empty the glass (with the proper respect, of course. Whiskey should never touch the ground or a sink. You need to drink it.), and try again.
  5. Repeat until you are unable to see the glass.

Warning: attempting to do this with vodka or gin will result in madness or death. However, it will probably be fairly enjoyable while it lasts.


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