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"Sex Kitten Rampage 4” doesn’t live up to promise

“Sex Kitten Rampage” and its sequel, “Sex Kitten Rampage 2: Pussy Galore” were instant classics of the lesbian gang rape genre. Unfortunately, the franchise faltered in “Sex Kitten Rampage 3,” and the final sequel, “Sex Kitten Rampage 4: Caged Heat” doesn’t quite live up to the promise of its predecessors.

The studio has even admitted as much by releasing “Sex Kitten Rampage 4: Caged Heat” straight to video. Rather than releasing their film to the big screen, Clitorific Cinema has abandoned their film, trying to abandon their losses and releasing the straight to video sexfest with virtually no publicity or support.

And I must congratulate Clitorific for their shrewd marketing acumen. “Sex Kitten Rampage 4” is a travesty when compared to its predecessors. While the original skillfully and delightfully tweaked the expectations of the genre, mixing in elements of the heist film and film noir interspersed within the lesbian orgies, “Sex Kitten Rampage 4: Caged Heat” has abandoned all the strengths of its predecessor, all in service of cheap action scenes, an implausible love story and an inordinate amount of meaningless titillation.

The plot shamelessly rips off “Romeo and Juliet” and “Titanic” in its portrayal of two nameless strangers who meet and fall in love in the midst of a riot at a female prison. She’s a prisoner and he’s a prison guard who get swept up in something larger than they can handle alone.

As exciting as that may sound at first, the reality is much more depressing. Far too much time is taken up by gratuitous sex scenes and needless T&A that does nothing to enhance the plot. The film, in the end, relies far too much on the cliches of the lesbian prison movie genre. I mean I like a simultaneous screaming orgasm as much as the next film critic, but do we really believe that everyone in a six person lesbian orgy can climax at precisely the same time, especially at a time when most of the characters are concerned about the very real possibility of death during the riot?

Still, despite some of the film’s problems, there are some high points. The chemistry between the Busta Hymen and Mammie O’Mary, the male and female lead, is worth the price of admission. These two actors work well together despite the weaknesses of a script that has them far too often only grunting of screaming out “Yes! Yes! Yes!” repeatedly. These two have a rapport much akin to a sans-clothes Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks or Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

But in the end, “Sex Kitten Rampage 4: Caged Heat” isn’t worth renting, at least not at full price. Wait until it is in the cheap bin, or broadcast on network TV rather than paying full price for this plotless abomination.

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