I read with interest the debate over God and the Bible. As far as I can tell, you are both young and stupid and full of yourselves. Neither the avowed atheist or the avowed Christian is getting their facts or opinions properly stated or accurate. You should both learn to have a real, true, and respectful dialogue. Perhaps, I say this because I have a 20+ year start on intensive studying and reading. I have two degrees from Purdue University and read enough books on enough subjects to start my own library. I have read and studied the Bible itself intensly and over a five year period committed my self to reading it through three times from end to end and am still learning and seeing things I missed before. First - Babylon or the Babylonian empire came into being twice in known modern history. The Nimrod who built the tower of Babel (who is mentioned in the Bible) founded the original state and built the original great cities of the ancient Middle East. Nimrod's son (who is also called Nimrod) and his wife are responsible for the founding of Pagan religion centered around a central King. Emperor worship was not new in Rome's day. Nebuchadnezzar's father and Nebuchadnezzar himself resurrected the fallen empire. Most of the Bible prophecies in the Old Testament have proven to be accurate and true so much so that most simply claim they may have been changed or edited after the fact. Another thought - today we think about ourselves in a most high way. So much so we tend to think those who lived several thousand years ago were primitive or stupid. As Solomon stated, "How do we know it was not done before and forgotten?" "No there is nothing new underneath the sun." Batteries, telescopes, microscopes are just a few things found in cities or ruins long buried. We get descriptions in Genesis but no details. Today I hear on the radio people discussing or theorizing that modern man walked the earth millions of years ago and of evidence that dates back to a Billion by the geological record. We know that giant catastrophes happen in the past which could easily destroy all man has created in this century and send those who survive back to the basement of technology. "Who is man that he should be proud? For he comes up like green grass in the morning dew, and whithers away in the heat of day and is remembered no more." "For God has put eternity in the heart's of men, but his life is but for a moment." Who is to say a man named Noah didn't build an Ark and who is to say the technology in it didn't rival or surpass anything we know today? Does anyone know even what Gopher Wood was? After all it took Noah a long time to build. A very long time. More time than any ship built today. To survive a huge cataclysm it must have been very different from what we could imagine. And where do all the towers or temples of the world come from? From the original edifices or towers built in the first Babylon. As for all the theories out there - matter is really energy - and all matter or energy contains memory. And as Chaos theory is proving - all things interact (whether we understand or see it or not). The very theory of memory in everything proves Einstein correct - "God does not play with dice." Nothing is really left to chance. "The race is neither to the swift, the battle to the strong, or wealth to the wise, but God causes time and circumstance to happen to them all."