Paris Pictures

The Arc D'Triomphe, surrounded by the largest traffic roundabout in the world.

Detail from the Arc. The angel of victory, leading the french to some long forgotten victory.

Do I need to explain? It's not normally this crooked, but I couldn't get the pic right in the scanner.

The crowd around the Mona Lisa. They tell me it was a quiet day. I couldn't hear through the telephoto lens, though.

The grave of Jim Morrison.

The Moulin Rouge, complete with tour buses, a French fast food restaurant, and coca-cola ads. Just as those bohemians liked it.

Notre Dame.

Notre Dame, from behind.

Notre Dame, detail.

Just a couple of the many great gargoyles at Notre Dame.

Rodin's Thinker, in bronze. The Musee Rodin was my favorite museum in Paris. Which is saying quite a bit.

Sacre Coeur church, built in 1871 to get back on god's good side after the French were destroyed in the Franco-Prussian War. Also, if you remember the movie "Amelie," the male character went running up and down those stairs on the right.

Oscar Wilde's tomb. Those red marks all around it are lipstick kisses.

This odd "art exhibit" is in the Pantheon, a "cathedral" that had the misfortune to be finished the year the French revolution started. It's now a "temple" to reason. It was here that Foucault first set up his pendulum to demonstrate the earth's turn. The pendulum has been taken out for now, for this massive balloon thing to be set up.